Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tenative Schedule

Allright so I'm planning my road trip for next summer based on the tenative scheldue. I didn't realize how difficult it was going to be. I want to get three routes starting at the beginning of the season and three routes starting in June. The first route is to start in Detroit go east circle around and end in Detroit. The second route is to start in Detroit head west circle east and end in Detroit. The 3rd is to start in Seattle head down the west coast bringing it east ending in Detroit. I have been able to finish one possible route today. I start it at the beginning of the season in Detroit and head east.

I may finish the first four as the last four because of a really amazing once in a lifetime trip with my girlfriend that takes priority over this trip.  It's no big deal to adjoust the scheldue a bit.  The one thing I really like about this version of the trip schedule is the extended time in NYC and LA.  The Scheldue just kind of works out that way.  I also get to take about a week off to go to her home in Winnipeg CA so she can go to her doctors appt.  

April 5th-Detroit
April 6th- Cincinnati
April 7th-Pittsburgh
April 8th-Cleveland
April 9th (Rock and Roll HOF)
April 10th (Niagara Falls)
April 11th-Toronto
'April 13th- Boston
April 14th- Philly
April 15th Yankees
April 17th Washington
April 20th Mets
April 24th Baltimore
April 26th Tampa
April 27th Miami
April 28th Atlanta
May 1st St. Louis
May 3rd Kansas City
May 5th Houston
May 7th Arizona
May 8th San Diego
May 9th LA Dodgers
May 14th LA Angels
May 16th San Fran
MAy 21st Oakland
May 24th Seattle
May 28th Colorado
May 30th Texas
June 1st White Sox
June 3rd Milwaukee
June 4th- June 9th Detour in Winnipeg
June 10th Minnesota
June 12th Cubs
June 15th Detroit

This is just a rough draft. I didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to try to plan this. I think about 2 1/2 months is just about the perfect amount of time! Do you think you guys can do any better?

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