Sunday, September 25, 2011

My first Tigers game of 2011

I ended up going to the game on the 30th with one of my oldest friends Rob. I had the best tickets I had ever had at a Tigers game. About 20 rows up from the 3rd base (Tigers) dugout. Rob and I have been to dozens of Tigers games together. One time we were on one the 3rd base side mid outfield. I had just gotten a fresh beer from a vendor when a foul ball headed in our direction. It bounced a few rows in front of us and then between Rob and I. We were surrounded by people in their 20’s and before I knew it I was on an unfortunate end of a dog pile. My fresh beer was no longer fresh, as it ended up all over the ground. The pile let up and everybody was looking around for who had the ball. The commotion died down and Rob reached into his pocket and grabbed the ball. He says “I had it the entire time. I slipped it in my pocket right away.” “Thanks a lot, you owe me a beer”, I said.

Before the game Vs. the Angels Rob and I attempted to go to Hockeytown. There was an hour wait and we only had an hour and a half before the game. We decided to head down to State bar and Grill. We stepped in there for a beer and it was a pretty nice establishment. Their liquor selection was limited and there wasn’t very much space to move around. After we left the State bar and Grill we headed over to Chelies. We got one beer downstairs and decided to head up to the roof. There were a ton of people and the atmosphere was that of a college party, and many people were taking pictures overlooking the stadium. After heading into the stadium we got some Little Caesers Pizza and some beer and headed for our seats. As we sat there eating our food and watching the game I received a call from a friend. I am a high school wrestling coach and one of the parents was there. I went and met her and we talked for a little bit and said we would meet up later for some drinks. I returned to my seat and received a call from one of the kids I coached several years ago. I went and met with him and had a drink with him and his girlfriend. We then decided to meet up with Kim and her husband upstairs in the lounge. We spent the rest of the game up there catching up and drinking. I’m so mad at myself for squandering the best tickets I’ve ever had so I can drink. That was such a stupid move but I’ll get even better seats to a game next season.

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