Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I deployed to Bagram Afghanistan in December of 2010 and once again I was thousands of miles away, without Fox Sports Network Detroit, ESPN, and Tigers Radio. There are several ways I am able to keep up. The internet here is awful at best but it at least allows us to get on MLB.com, espn.com, and Tigers.com. This time around I got on MLB.com and subscribed to MLB radio. I was able to listen to every game, every day. The internet in my room is not fast enough for me to be able to listen. I work from 7pm to 7am and with the 8 ½ hour time difference I am able to listen to a lot of games in the office. What I like about having the radio package is they offer one free game a day to watch. Occasionally the internet will be working well enough for me to be to watch a game. I also check stats in our military paper, Stars and Stripes. We also have a television network called AFN. AFN Sports usually has a few baseball games on every day. It would be better if they always had my team but when you love the sport just watching any team makes for a good day.

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