Saturday, September 10, 2011

Here's to the start of a dream!

I have a rather ambitious dream. It is going to take an incredible amount of
work and dedication to accomplish but, hell, I’m an American Soldier. I can do anything!

Let me start from the beginning. Hi, my name is RJ Breisacher. My guys call me SGT B. I prefer RJ considering by the time next baseball season rolls around I will no longer be in the military. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan. In 2008-2009 I was in Iraq. My mission is not one you see in any
Hollywood movies. I’ve never been in combat, I’ve never shot anybody, and I have no cool war stories. I see the boring side of the war. My mission gives me and my friends all the time in the world to talk and dream of what we will do when we get home. I’m sure this happens for the real combat veterans as well. What I noticed after coming home from my first tour is that very few people actually did what they said they wanted to do.

My dream is rather simple. I want to see every major league baseball park in the US and Toronto. I want to drive from park to park experiencing all that the US has to offer.  I want to see the country I’ve spent two (crappy) years of my life defending. I come from a small town on Michigan Ohio border and haven’t really seen too much of the US.

Other than seeing the ballparks I want to see a museum here and there. Stop in a cool city and see
what’s so cool about it. Stop in a rustic campground with a unique feature.  Stay in a hotel that is off the beaten path. I want to eat in restaurants that the locals know should be world renowned. I want to meet people. I want to meet super fans who can show me the very best of every park before and after games. I want to have a true American adventure!

I want to blog, vlog, and document my trip every step of the way. I want this once in a lifetime trip
to be written down so I can share the journey with friends, family, future generations of mini me’s and anybody else who wants to read it.

My biggest obstacle at this point is figuring out how I’m going to accomplish this financially. I have plenty of money in my savings but I don’t exactly want to go broke doing this either. I’ve contacted some people and gotten some pretty good ideas.

An idea somebody gave me was to pair with a charity to bring attention and donations to their cause.
I most definitely want to do this. It’s such a wonderful idea. I’m going to choose the Wounded Warrior Project because they have helped me personally and many of my friends. I’ve always wanted to be able to give back to Veterans and I think this could be an excellent way.

I need help people. I have no idea what I’m doing. I have pretty good ideas on how I want to accomplish this I just need help putting pieces together. If you have any ideas that could help me out toss them my way. Even if you think it’s a simple idea and 30 other people had to of given it to me by now, send it anyways. This is a dream I will accomplish. And I would like for all of you to come along with me for the journey!


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