Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It came back!

I stayed by the Tigers through the toughest of times. I didn’t go back to a Tigers game for a really long time. I lived about an hour away and my parents were not into sports that I wasn’t participating in. As an adult I’m not sure when my passion for the Tigers returned - I don’t even remember my first game at Comerica Park. I just know that I absolutely love the park. It’s a wonderful place that is filled with the dreams of thousands of people nightly. I love seeing the statues of Ty Cobb, and Ernie Harwell. I love the Baseball Ferris Wheel and the Tiger carousel. Every time I go, I want to be a kid again and jump in a giant baseball and ride around in circles. I love the green of the field. I think every man who dreams of having the greenest grass on his block got his passion from the green fields of major league baseball. I am not currently a home owner but I will have the nicest patch of land in my neighborhood.

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