Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sarge, Doc, and Delilah

I've been asked to explain the blue frog that you see in a few of my pictures. Well, everybody meet Sarge! Sarge, meet the Ball Park Chasers!

The night before I left for Iraq my sister who was 3 at the time was attached to my leg. I was about to go home and spend my last night in my own bed when my sister (I call her monster) came to me with the little blue frog in her hand. She said, "Have this. Everytime you see it you will think of me." Holy ton of bricks Batman! It was the cutest thing I had ever heard and it broke my heart.
We agreed on the name Sarge and everytime I had the opportunity to webchat with my family Sarge was there with me. He made it through hell and back with me and even became part of my unit. I took pictures of him everywhere and sent them back to Monster.

Once I got home I continued to bring Sarge with me to special events. I would take a picture and send it home. He went to many many Tigers games. One time a lady who was sitting behind me said "I bet that animal has been all over the world hasn't it" I said "Yes ma'am, he has" After giving my list of countries that frog had seen she asked me which was his favorite place. My response "Home" One afternoon I drove to South Bend, Indiana to watch my Michigan State Spartans take on the Fighting Irish. I'm not sure how or where it happened that day but, Sarge was lost in action.

Before I came on this current deployment I decided I needed to get another stuffed animal to keep me and Monster close through the distance. I was at a Tigers game when I saw the perfect thing. Matching stuffed animals. One is wearing a blue hoody with an old english D and the other is pink. We named them Doc and Delilah. We both take pictures with our animals and send them to one another.

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