Sunday, March 11, 2012


I want to start out by thanking Matt Van Wormer from for making me the fan of the week.  Check it out here  My family was pretty excited to see my face on there when I shared it with them.  It is a very well written article and I appreciate it.  If you would like to feature me on your website or would like for me to write a guest column when I am in your area just send me an email Baseballdreamin45 AT Yahoo [Dot] Com.

I got a lot of fantastic responses to an email that I sent out to blog writers everywhere, asking them for suggestions with my own blog.  Very soon I will be reformatting my page to make it easier to read.  I will also be updating a lot more.  As soon as this adventure is under way my goal is to post something every day, when I can.  I’ll be driving around the country primarily by myself so my mother is going to want constant updates on my safety and wellbeing. 

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