Sunday, June 17, 2012

Busch Stadium

I was really excited leading to my game in St. Louis.  The Cards sent me a ticket voucher just before I left on my trip.  I wasn’t expecting anything from them seeing as they never responded to me.  All I had to do was get online and pick my seats and my game.  I did just that and chose to have the tickets waiting for me at will call.  Leading up to the game I started talking to several St. Louis bloggers via twitter.  They asked me where my seats were and I told them.  Dennis blogger for contacted the cardinals and was able to get us some better tickets.  I would be watching the game with him and his family.  Now that I had four tickets and only one person going with me I had a pair of tickets to give away. 

I stayed at the Millennium hotel that evening.  I found it using my app on my phone and only paid $60.  It was a great hotel with views of the Arch as well as Busch Stadium.  When I checked in I told the guy at the front desk about my trip and asked him if I could get a room overlooking Busch Stadium.  He said he could upgrade my room if I signed up for their rewards program.  I gladly filled out the paperwork and he put me on the 23rd floor with an amazing view.  I went up and got settled in.  I decided to go over to Busch Stadium and see if I could get my tickets so I could find somebody to give them to.  As I made my way through the lobby I noticed a US ARMY Staff Sergeant in uniform.  I told him I had two extra tickets to the game that evening and asked him if he would like to go to the game.  He asked the two gentleman he was with if they would like to go to the game.  They said yes and we exchanged information so I could get the tickets to them once I got them. 

I walked around the perimeter of Busch and found my way to will call.  I had no problem getting my tickets and took the opportunity to take pictures of the statues outside of the park.  I love how you can see the Arch from the park.  I made my way back to the hotel and gave the tickets to the two young men that I had spoken with earlier.  After a short chat I learned that they were both about to enlist into the Army.  They had asked me a few questions about the Army and I was glad to fill them in on my experiences. 

Early on in the trip I was looking for somebody to show me around in each park and I had arranged to meet Breanna in St. Louis.  She is a huge Cards fan.  She took a college course on the history of baseball and seemed incredibly knowledgeable on baseball.  I met her just before the game and we grabbed a drink just outside of the park.  After our drinks we went in and I met with Dennis and his family.  They got us excellent seats in the outfield.  I was literally feet away from the outfielders.  Dennis and his family are big supporters of the military and were happy to help me out along my journey.  He told me about different promotions that the Cards do and what it’s like to write for  It seems like a great site to write for and they seem like they have a lot of fun. 

After a few innings I went and explored the park.  Me and Breanna walked around and she told me the ins and outs of Busch Stadium.  From the upper levels there are some amazing views.  The park has plenty of food options and the corridors are large and incredibly clean.  I sat in an empty section in the top deck and repeatedly had Breanna tell me how awesome she is.  We made our way back down to Dennis and watched the remainder of the game there.  We joked around and had a great time.  Dennis had me laughing the entire time.  I had an excellent time in St. Louis and Dennis had gotten me in contact with some bloggers he knew in Kansas City for my next stop. 

Keep On Smilin- It's Baseball Season!!

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