Monday, May 21, 2012

Turner Field

I dropped my cousin Mike off in West Palm Beach and decided to drive through the night to Atlanta.  Mike gave me some energy drink and said it would keep me going all night.  He told me to only drink half.  Me being the genius that I am drank the entire thing.  I was feeling great until I crossed the border to Georgia.  All of a sudden I felt like I was going to throw up.  I fought it off and kept driving.  The problem was is I was crashing hard from that drink.  I was about an hour outside of Atlanta when I just couldn’t go on any further.  I stopped off at a rest area and took a quick one hour nap.  I had booked a room at the Extended Stay and tried to check in as soon as I got there.  I was so tired and only wanted to sleep.  The lady at the front desk informed me that check in wasn’t until 3pm and I would have to wait.  I waited until noon and went back and they got me into a room.  I crashed out until it was time for the game.

I had always heard that Atlanta traffic was terrible but I had no trouble making my way to Turner Field.  My stomach was still upset and I wasn’t really up for the game.  When I got there I tried to get my tickets at will call but didn’t have any luck.  I got a hold of Matt Lynch from the Braves and he brought me down my tickets.  He escorted me inside of the park and over to Billy who would give me a tour.  Turner Field was built for the Olympics so it was pretty cool seeing the ins and outs of this park.  Billy took me below the field level and I got to see the Players parking lot, Upper Management Parking lot, the Keg Room, Where they store the field dirt, and I even got to step out onto the outfield.  The coolest part about the tour was seeing where Hank Aaron parks his car.  He wasn’t there that day but it was awesome for me to see the parking spot with his name on it.  In the players parking lot there were all varieties of nice cars.  There was even a Prius.  I asked Billy who the owner was and he said it was either somebody who just got called up or somebody that had to buy one as a prank. 

The Braves gave me excellent seats on the second level just behind home plate.  Matt Lynch had upgraded my original seats and gave me access to the Delta Sky Lounge.  I went up there to eat after the 3rd inning and got a table overlooking the field.  It was an incredible way to watch the game.  As you can imagine the prices for food were pretty high and I got some super nachos on steroids that I ate about half of. 

I really liked Turner field.  The people were friendly and very welcoming.  I just wish I had felt better.  As soon as the game ended I made no haste in getting back to my hotel so I could get some rest before heading to visit a friend in Alabama the next day.

Keep On Smilin- It’s Baseball Season!!

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