Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Do I hear sleigh bells?

Do you know what time it is?  If you thought “Tool Time” you’re probably a child of the 90’s because that’s what I thought.  But I’m sorry to disappoint all of you Tim Allen fans but it is time for Baseball!!!  I’m so excited for the season to start.  Preseason games have concluded and it’s time for the real games to start.  It’s after midnight here so I will be seeing a game today!  The Tigers take on the Toledo Mud Hens at 12pm.  I will be arriving to Fifth third by 930am.  I emailed the Toledo Mud Hens and told them about my project.  They invited me down for a quick tour 30 minutes before the gates open to the general public.  I guess, I should attempt to get some sleep but for all of us baseball fans it’s Christmas eve and I think I hear Santa downstairs! 

Keep On Smiling, It’s Baseball Season!

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  1. RJ, have fun and welcome to Detroit!!! GO TIGERS!!!