Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Trip

I've been working on the details of this trip.  I know where I'm going to be when and how long it is going to take to get to each park.  What I am still working on is where I'm going to stay when.  If you know any good places to stay in any of these cities or anywhere between them send me an email at  Here is where I will be on game day and the finer details of the trip.  If you would like to come along or meet me for a game let me know as soon as you know!

Detroit Tigers
Day Thursday April 4th
Distance: 64.5mi  
Drive Time:  1:14  
Game time 105 

Cincinnati Reds
Day Saturday April 7th
Distance: 263mi
Drive Time: 4:28
Game time: 7:10pm

Pittsburg Pirates
Day: Sunday April 8th
Distance: 288mi
Drive Time: 5:08
Game Time: 1:35pm 

Cleveland Indians
Day: Monday April 9th
Distance:  133 miles
Drive Time: 2:19
Game Times:  7:05pm 

Toronto Blue Jays
Day: Wednesday April 11th
Distance:  294.9 Miles
Drive Time: 5:05
Game Time: 12:37PM 

Boston Red Sox
Day: Friday April 13th
Distance:  546.5 miles
Time: 9:34
Game Times: 2:05
Philadelphia Phillies
Day: Saturday April 14th
Distance:  319 miles
Drive Time: 5:39
Game Times:  1:05

New York Yankees
Day: Sunday April 15th
Distance: 106
Drive Time:  2:05  
Game time 8:05 

Washington Nationals
Day: Tuesday April 17th
Distance: 237
Drive Time:  4:27  
Game time 7:05 

New York Mets
Day: Sunday April 20th
Distance: 239
Drive Time:  4:39  
Game time 7:10pm 

Baltimore Orioles
Day: Sunday April 24th
Distance: 203
Drive Time:  3:48  
Game time 7:05 

Tampa Bay Rays
Day: Sunday April 26th
Distance: 968
Drive Time:  16:10  
Game time 1:10 

Miami Marlins
Day: Friday April 27th
Distance: 266
Drive Time:  4:13  
Game time 7:10 

Atlanta Braves
Day: Saturday April 28th
Distance: 662
Drive Time:  10:44  
Game time 7:10

St. Louis Cardinals
Day: Tuesday May 1st
Distance: 554
Drive Time:  9:28  
Game time 8:15 

Kansas City Royals
Day: Thursday May 3rd
Distance: 241
Drive Time:  4:01  
Game time 6:00

Houston Astros
Day: Saturday May 5th
Distance: 762
Drive Time:  12:38  
Game time 7:05 

Arizona Diamondbacks
Day: Monday May 7th
Distance: 1,176
Drive Time:  15:53  
Game time 9:40 

San Diego Padres
Day: Tuesday May 8th
Distance: 356
Drive Time:  6:00  
Game time 7:05 

Los Angeles Dodgers
Day: Wednesday May 9th
Distance: 124
Drive Time:  2:09  
Game time 7:10 

Anaheim Angels
Day: Monday May 14th
Distance: 30
Drive Time:  42
Game time 7:05

San Francisco Giants
Day: Wednesday May 16th
Distance: 409
Drive Time:  6:50  
Game time 10:15 

Oakland Athletics
Day: Monday May 21st
Distance: 15
Drive Time: 0:25
Game time 10:05 

Seattle Mariners
Day: Thursday May 24th
Distance: 807
Drive Time:  13:37  
Game time 7:10 

Colorado Rockies
Day: Monday May 28th
Distance: 1,368
Drive Time:  21:02  
Game time 1:10 

Texas Rangers
Day: Wednesday May 30th
Distance: 882
Drive Time:  13:35  
Game time 7:05 

Chicago White Sox
Day: Friday June 1st
Distance: 980
Drive Time:  15:42
Game time 7:10 

Milwaukee Brewers
Day: Sunday June 3rd
Distance: 95
Drive Time:  1:48  
Game time 2:10
Minnesota Twins
Day: Sunday June 10th
Distance: 334
Drive Time:  5:56  
Game time 1:10 
Chicago Cubs
Day: Tuesday June 12th
Distance: 407
Drive Time:  7:20  
Game time 8:05 
Detroit Tigers
Day: Friday June 15th
Distance: 288
Drive Time:  4:57  
Game time 7:05

1 comment:

  1. Looks like your immediate itinerary is going to be:

    Anaheim Angels
    Day: Monday May 14th
    Distance: 30
    Drive Time: 42
    Game time 7:05

    San Francisco Giants
    Day: Wednesday May 16th
    Distance: 409
    Drive Time: 6:50
    Game time 10:15

    Oakland Athletics
    Day: Monday May 21st
    Distance: 15
    Drive Time: 0:25
    Game time 10:05

    Firstly, you'll want to correct the two 10:15 games, without bothering to look, can tell you these should be 1:15 and 1:05
    Your 7 hour drive from Anaheim? Well, it's going to take you 1 hour just to get from Anaheim to north LA. So you might want to add some time to that. But, you can have the 15th as a travel day. I suggest going up Highway 1, the coast highway and take in the sights. Maybe make a stop at San Simeon, and pot your way up the coast to Monterrey/Carmel then cut inland to 101 to SF.

    You have quite a few days between the Giant's and A's games, can offer some suggestions like the Mendocino Coast, North coast redwoods, Anderson Valley, Napa and Yosemite during the off days.

    You might find us locals a bit "tour guided out" as friends and relatives like to use us in this manner. Am sure we can offer some day game suggestion though.

    Seems someone deleted your posts on BF-F. You might be able to talk to them and convince them your not SPAM